My Little Print Shop – Virtual Tour

Finally getting to print some editions in my little print shop. Take the tour!


This little building used to house garden tools and a lawnmower. Now it’s the perfect little print shop.


I picked up this Dickerson Combination Press in Western Pennsylvania. A nice workhorse that can print lithographs and etchings.


Every shop needs a good flat-file set — these came from Los Alamos, New Mexico.


Scrap granite from a counter-top company makes a great surface for rolling out ink.


Fan + window = ventillation.


When your shop is small, every space gets used. This print drying rack is convenient and stays out of the way. These prints are for a collaborative book project for my Litho I & II class.


There’s even room for a small screen printing station.


The print shop doubles as a greenhouse for these little guys.


Penny likes hanging out.

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